Brot und Stühle & Oh My Waffle!

Judenhof 3, 89073 Ulm
Closed - Opens Sa at 9:00 AM
+49 731 14390100
Bio-Café in Ulm & Neu-Ulm Frühstück / Waffeln / Speciality Coffee 100% Bio / vegan & vegetarisch / Dinkel Food Truck / Catering / Events

Breakfast & waffles in Ulm

Visit us at the Judenhof in our ORGANIC-certified café in downtown Ulm. With us you can have a leisurely breakfast and brunch - everything vegetarian or vegan. We offer a selection of espresso and coffee specialties from our specialty coffee roastery Supremo, as well as homemade spelled waffles and a selection of wine and long drinks and of course spritz aperitifs. In addition to our café, we also offer catering deliveries and food truck catering.
Apple Crumble-Waffel & Caramel Nuts-Waffel von Oh My Waffle

100% organic & spelled / vegan & vegetarian / zero-waste

Ulm & Neu-Ulm's only BIO-certified café (according to Bio-AHVV) with 100% organic ingredients in vegan & vegetarian. All baked goods with 100% spelled flour. We are constantly trying to reduce our carbon footprint, not just by choosing our organic products. We do not use disposable packaging, but rather reusable systems (Relevo). Unfortunately, a completely regional and seasonal origin is not always possible. Nevertheless, we are very careful in our selection of ingredients and constantly try to reduce our waste production.

Food-Truck, Catering & Mittagsstandorte



Wir liefern die Canapés, Chili Sin Carne, Falafel-Spieße, Waffeln, Overnight-Oats, frisch gepresste Säfte und einiges mehr. Passend für: - Schulung - Meeting - Kund:innenevent - Einstand/Ausstand - Feier zu Hause - kleiner Sektempfang

Food Truck

Wir besuchen deine Feier mit unserem Food Truck. Waffeln, Falafel-Burger, Salat oder auch Häppchen - frisch vor Ort zubereitet. Passend für: - große Feier - Firmenjubiläum - Weihnachtsfeier - Sommerfest - Hochzeit - Garten-Geburtstag


Jetzt neu: Unser Food Truck an festen Mittagsstandorten. Wir servieren dir besten Bio-Lunch direkt bei euch vor Ort. Chili Sin Carne, Rührei Rote Bete, Waffeln, Dessert & Getränke. Alles in Mehrweg, ohne Einwegmüll. Vorbestellung möglich.

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Brot und Stühle & Oh My Waffle!

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